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End User Computing Solutions

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Take on your everyday work with the affordable Desktop PC equipped with the computing power you need and a price that fits your budget. With wide ranges of Form factors you can choose multiple option right from budget friendly to Space Saving, energy saving and Powerful PC for future upgrades.

Printing & Imaging Solutions

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We cater all printing solutions right from copiers, printers, scanners, toners and accessories to cover all usages ranging from single user, small workgroups and large workgroups.

Enterprise Security Management

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Protecting your enterprise from cyber threats requires constant vigilance over your security infrastructure and critical information assets. Simple monitoring of traditional security events is no longer enough. Security professionals need broader insights from new data sources generated at massive scale across IT, the business, and in the cloud. And they need to reduce the time it takes to detect, assess, and respond to security incidents in real time, 24/7.

Data Center Solutions

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Modernize your network
Our vast offering from Data Center Solutions portfolio enables customers to meet the demands of modern workloads from the edge to the core – today and tomorrow.

Cloud & Network Solutions

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Public cloud offers a basic infrastructure similar to the private cloud, but the services and infrastructure are provided off-site using a pay-as-you-go model. The majority of public cloud deployments offer the greatest level of efficiency in shared resources and are generally used by small to large corporate and government entities to address a variety of application needs such as CRM, email, storage, and backup infrastructure, as well as application development.

3D Printing Solutions

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3D printing is an Additive Manufacturing Technology; it creates an object by starting with nothing and adding material layer by layer until you have a completed object. An olden way of manufacturing is subtractive, meaning that you start with a block of material (like metal or wood) and start cutting away material until you have the part.

High Performance Computing Solutions

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High performance computing products and expertise that make supercomputing more accessible and affordable for organizations and industries of all sizes.

Software Solutions

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Our dedicated Software Licensing team helps your organisation navigate the available options, correctly and compliantly, across all licensing manufacturers. We provide practical assistance with the procurement and ongoing management of organisation’s software licensing agreements, in a cost-effective manner. Our Softwares available for End User Computing & mobility, Asset Management, Service Provider Licensing.

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